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Project Introduction.

a major resignalling programme by TFL

Four Lines Modernisation (4LM) was a major resignalling programme established by TfL to install Communications Based Train Control (CTBC). 4LM faced a distinctive challenge in implementing CTBC on four operational underground railway lines, which were among the oldest sections of the underground, making up 40% of the network.

The Problem.

The intricacies of the NEC contractual framework, coupled with the software development occurring within the Contractor's team in Canada, posed difficulties in establishing robust Project Management Office (PMO) processes and systems that catered to both TfL requirements and a joint PMO between TfL and the contractor.

Our Solution.

To address these challenges, Movar initiated a comprehensive restructuring, dividing the PMO team into two sub-teams. One sub-team focused on TfL-controlled project deliverables, while the other collaborated with the contractor's PMO team to establish a joint PMO. A key initiative involved the creation of a joint Risk, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies (RAID) log, enhancing forecasting accuracy and addressing risks and issues collaboratively.

Additionally, a consolidated periodic reporting suite, driven by an integrated data source, was established to provide collaborative, accurate data to senior TfL leadership.

The Results.

The implementation of streamlined reporting systems and transparent behaviours yielded significant benefits for both the Contractor and TfL. Standardised reporting formats ensured consistency, facilitating efficient data analysis and informed decision-making. Transparent data sharing protocols fostered trust and strengthened the working relationship, while streamlined systems improved overall efficiency by reducing processing time and enhancing project performance.

A notable outcome of the implemented streamlined reporting systems and transparent behaviours was improved forecasting capabilities. Leveraging standardised reporting formats and transparent data sharing protocols provided valuable insights into resource needs for both the Contractor and TfL.

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