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Project Introduction.

a comprehensive programme to enhance potable water supplies

Thames Water AMP7 is a comprehensive programme encompassing clean and wastewater projects aimed at enhancing potable water supplies' resilience and safeguarding the environment in communities across London and the Thames Valley. A vital component of Thames Water’s Asset Management Plan 7 (AMP7), this five-year investment plan began in 2020 and will extend until 2025, with a total worth of up to £4 billion.

The AMP7 programme is segmented into various lots. During AMP7, Thames Water transitioned from an alliancing approach to implementing an "intelligent client" operating model within its capital delivery function. This model involved bringing more activities in-house, particularly in areas such as asset management, programme management, project management, technical assurance, and commercial management.

The Problem.

Throughout the evolution of the business and various AMP cycles, Thames Water has continually improved its data capture and collection processes. While on this digital journey, a commitment to continuous improvement has been maintained, resulting in ongoing enhancements over time.

Our Solution.

In addressing the evolving needs of Thames Water's AMP7 programme, Movar played a pivotal role in advancing data collection and ingestion processes.

Recognising the significance of a robust data foundation, Movar implemented comprehensive improvements to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of data capture throughout the programme's lifecycle.

The Results.

The collaborative efforts with Movar have resulted in a profound understanding of the project statuses within the Thames Water AMP7 programme. The revamped reporting and visuals have enabled the identification of trends, significantly enhancing the quality of information available for decision-making processes. This strategic intervention has empowered Thames Water to make more informed and data-driven decisions in the dynamic context of their ambitious AMP7 programme.

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